The Benefits of Olive Oil
As you probably know, olive oil can be used in many ways. But few of them may surprise you! Here are some ways you can use it:

Shaving oil

Many of us use shaving cream or foam, Other use conditioner. Certainly, never EVER use soapfor shaving, unless you want your skin pores to look like the Grand Canyon!

Here is a little trick:

Just apply a little layer of olive oil on the area to be shaved instead of your usual cream. Shave as usual (your razor will probably need a little bit more rinsing then normally though). If you want your skin even more soft and hydrated, scrub after shaving and reapply a small layer of olive oil or moisturizer. Silky skin guaranteed!

Wellness for your cat
Simply pour a few drops of olive oil in your cat’s food. It helps prevent hairballs formingin his stomach and it also helps him to expel them.

Natural Degreaser
Although olive oil is an oil, it acts like a natural degreaser for industrial oils (petroleum derivative)You just have to mix a little bit of olive oil with a small quantity of salt and rub on the grease spot there you go!

Sore throat

If you have sore throat, a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of honey. You can also mix olive oil, green tea, honey and lemon juice for a more comforting drink on those cold days!

Here are some benefits of this miraculous oil. It’s yours to try and then to discover all its magic!