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Our History


What to do today ? I am 6 years old and I live in front of my elementary school. Most children would only see play modules but not me, at least it’s not the only thing I see. Between a slide, a hopscotch, a swing and a ladder, what I see is garbages. Armed with a bag, a dish glove and a small stick , I simply say to my mother : ” Mom, I ‘m going out to pick up the trashes that some dirty people have thrown on the ground.” Already green in my little heart , I began to clean the schoolyard and sincerely, I was loving it .


I walk with my cousin on the St-Laurent banks, the belly filled with my aunt’s super Saskatoon berry jam and as I am extremely greedy, I only think about eating more jam. My cousin and I talk about makeup and girl stuff (I am 8 years old and she is 12), the ideas are running through my head. A tornado of Saskatoon berry jam and beauty products. Then, we both come to that one and only conclusion: fruit based cosmetics. The idea is a multinational business, minimum. Our best seller : Saskatoon berry hair dye. As you can imagine, the idea quickly fade away. But, a small jam trace has printed in my brain from that moment.


Between two desserts and a wedding preparation, an accident happens. My fingerss full of a mix of sugar and coconut oil, I rub my hands and rinse under water, surprised, I discover that my hands are soft as they have never been. Already an adept of essential oils for years, I decided to play the crazy scientist in my kitchen and to do some tests. After multiple attempts as well as multiple researches on the properties and compatibility of natural products, I decided to change my lifestyle and move on to homemade beauty products. Let it be said, I am Miss Products. I like, sorry like is not the right word, I NEED my skin to be like a baby’s skin made of silk, lying on a cloud of feathers, perfumed by God himself, nothing less.

So after a lot of research and tests, Iachieved enough satisfiying results to give a packages of my products to my bridesmaids and my mother on the morning of my wedding and thereby have an external opinion . The result is more than what I expected, they want more of them. Then, I give natural products gifts to several members of my family at Christmas and it gives me the same result. I’m afraid that because these people are close to me, it is not a good reference as they are adorable and would never make me sad sayingthey don’t like them. I attempt the ultimate test : work colleagues . Bearded hardened mechanics and general director who reminds me of a mixture of Lise Watier and Clueless. What could be better as a critic ? Bingo! The result is even better. That’s it, I start!


I take a walk in the woods and see a small sandy island in the middle of a river where I decide to stop there to take a little break. I’m thinking about my products, my logo, etc. I need a company name… and it’s whilelooking back to the origins of this passion that comes this forgotten trace of Saskatoon berry jam come back inmy mind. WhenI was young and eaing that jam, everybody was always singing this song to me: Ani couni chaouani (listen to the song) and by the way, they still sing it to me. It represents me and it also represents First Nations. Who doulc be better placed to represent the harmony with nature, healing with natural products and environmental friendliness that First Nations ?! This is it, Koohoony is born!


After a few years of reaserches and testing on me, my family and friends, it’s time to formalize! Uniprix Rioux & Larochelle of Saint-Antonin gives me my chance in May. As the first official distributor, they allow me many attempts. This is partly because of them if several people knows Koohoony Products! In July, a collaboration between Koohoony Products and Odo Spa Pohénégamook was born. A plus for my creativity and for my native town. In addition to using my products to give their spa treatments, they also have a display of Koohoony products to sell to their customers with a custom collection made only for them. Many other projects are on the way, it’s just beginning!

Koohoony’ promise

Natural products.

Our products are made from natural raw materials such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, pure shea butter, cocoa butter, quality essential oils as well as several other products of the same type. Moreover, they are handmade in Quebec, Canada.

Containers recycled and / or recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Our containers are made of PIR (Post-Industrial Resin), PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), cardboard, paper or glass.

PIR: Material 100% recovered after industrial use, the PIR is a fully recycled product and recyclable. This option minimizes the use of raw materials and is therefore more energy efficient.

PET: It is currently the most recyclable plastic. Being the most used plastic in all sorts of applications, it will become after you use it a new container or object.

Glass: We all know already that the glass is recyclable. What is new is the “micronization” glass, needing fine powder processing in order to incorporate it into the concrete, which avoids greenhouse gas emissions and can also improve the concrete properties.

Cardboard: Our boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and filled with fibers clean undyed natural aspen, non-allergenic, dust-free and 100% biodegradable. If you want to you can burn it if your house is heaten with wood or you can put it in your flowerbed!

Papers: Our soaps, bath bombs and bubble bath bars will be shipped in paper bags to minimize environmental impact. The bags are in paper so reusable and recyclable.

Not tested on animals.

Our products are not and will not be tested on animals. Moreover, experiments and animal cruelty are totally against our principles and values.

A service listening to customers.

You have a specific problem and want to know if it can be helped with natural products? You want to make a special gift to a loved one? At Koohoony, it is possible to customize commands. Oh yes! You can contact us and we will advise you a perfect product for you! Contact us by email with your requirements and preferences, and a response will be submitted as soon as possible. Do you have questions about our products? We will also be available to answer you. At Koohoony, listening to customers and satisfiying your needs is essential, so do not hesitate to contact us.